Kill You: (Act 2) & (Act 3)

A funeral procession,
Whimsical in its misdirection,
Beating silently within our chests,
This haunting music threatens to arrest.
Strumming along,
Upon a broken heart,
Banging away in the confines of its cage,
All this pain, and still…
Couldn’t kill you!

A lack of control,
Emotions spill over,
As young lover’s embrace,
For what is deemed an eternity,
All is not as it seems,
Nothing lasts forever.
Walking away, can’t kill you.

Saddened with a sense of loss,
Bereaved by grief,
Emotions we shall overcome,
Or fade away and become undone.
These actions cannot be repeated!

Racked with anguish,
Deafening silent cries,
A song of defeat is sung.
Burdened with such despairing emotions,
Ever in agony,
For still I couldn’t,
Kill this love for you!

Empty halls glimpsed,
Throughout these vast chamber walls,
A heart becomes hollow.
Laid bare for all to see,
Feelings once felt, begin to recede.
Love is depleted,
The final serenade is complete.

Thoughts of love circumventing the mind,
Such feelings are unfound.
As one may denounce,
The love once shared.
A heart bled, and bared,
For the entire world to see,
Yet still, I could not kill thee!
                                                                    Copyright 2011 Raven phoenix78 / Boneata Bell all rights reserved.                                   


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