Kill You (Act 1)

A shade whispered throughout eternal night.

Breath came ragged and full of fright.
The screams of thy name,
Reverberated amongst these walls,
Of darkened sorrow,

You refused to hear,
Ignoring these frantic calls,
Poised to run,
Watched you run all night.

With tears in these eyes,
Fear hangs heavy upon a fading heart.
I love you!
But your mind is forever dead.

Lost devotion forever to be,
Beyond all eyes will ever see.
There will always be love,
For your tired heart,
An inner fire can never again spark.

Goodbye old rainbow,
Fare thee well to happiness we once knew.
Thy were so pretty,
I couldn’t kill you!

Copyright 2011 Boneata Bell
Copyright 2011 Raven Phoenix78


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