Blog Summery

I have been so busy lately that my blog has not been kept completely up-to-date. I plan to make up for that by posting more for you, especially for my followers who are interested in stopping animal abuse - If you are not familiar with this project please read my previous posts.

I have been adding more informal posts to my Tumblr blog, it is a blog that is not 100% devoted to writing and what I do, it is a blog of mainly my more personal side, the side which is the teenager in me, because what people forget is I am 17, so instead of the side where I devote my life to my writing, it is a side where I have fun and you can see me in a more personal view, If you do not like that side of me, please ignoor it. Please do not stop following this blog because you do not like who I am in my spare time, I devote most of my life to writing so think of me as two people. The older one and the younger.

I have been posting a 30 Day Challenge recently. Although it has taken me much longer than 30 days it is a little in-sight into me if you want to know more about me.

Lastly, if you notice a spelling mistake, tell me. I can not spell, I am learning however and I am trying my best, but if you do not point it out to me i will not know that it is wrong.

Thank you.


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