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I spent my day working for the RSPCA last Wednesday as I do every week, I am a volunteer for them and I throughly enjoy every minute of it, one of the jobs that I do is sort through clothing that is donated to the shop, separating the good from the bad, I also price the clothing for the shop. Dogs are welcome inside the actual RSPCA shop, of course we love to see them they are very welcome! Although it is hard to concentrate on sorting through clothing when there are beautiful animals inches away from me.

My favourite part about this job is that it is helping to raise money for animals in need and I see that it goes to the right place. No animal deserves to be hurt or killed. One of the worst things about this volunteer job is that you hear the pain these animals have been through and sometimes not survived, this is why I need to do what I do.

I do not have the money to give them, so I can give them the time, and I would give them more of it if I could, I work on a Wednesday afternoon…

Kill You (Act 1)

A shade whispered throughout eternal night.

Breath came ragged and full of fright. The screams of thy name, Reverberated amongst these walls, Of darkened sorrow,
You refused to hear, Ignoring these frantic calls, Poised to run, Watched you run all night.
With tears in these eyes, Fear hangs heavy upon a fading heart. I love you! But your mind is forever dead.
Lost devotion forever to be, Beyond all eyes will ever see. There will always be love, For your tired heart, An inner fire can never again spark.
Goodbye old rainbow, Fare thee well to happiness we once knew. Thy were so pretty, I couldn’t kill you!

Copyright 2011 Boneata Bell Copyright 2011 Raven Phoenix78

Kill You: (Act 2) & (Act 3)

A funeral procession, Whimsical in its misdirection, Beating silently within our chests, This haunting music threatens to arrest. Strumming along, Upon a broken heart, Banging away in the confines of its cage, All this pain, and still… Couldn’t kill you!
A lack of control, Emotions spill over, As young lover’s embrace, For what is deemed an eternity, All is not as it seems, Nothing lasts forever. Walking away, can’t kill you.
Saddened with a sense of loss, Bereaved by grief, Emotions we shall overcome, Or fade away and become undone. These actions cannot be repeated!
Racked with anguish, Deafening silent cries, A song of defeat is sung. Burdened with such despairing emotions, Ever in agony, For still I couldn’t, Kill this love for you!
Empty halls glimpsed, Throughout these vast chamber walls, A heart becomes hollow. Laid bare for all to see, Feelings once felt, begin to recede. Love is depleted, The final serenade is complete.
Thoughts of love circumventing the mind, Such feelings are unfound. As one may denounce, The lo…

Kill You


This is a poem I originally wrote on my own, however, I was not happy with it and as a poet this tends to happen a lot, So... I asked another brilliant poet to edit it, and I must say it is the most beautiful poem I have ever read and I must say Raven deserves most of the credit for this beautiful piece of work.

My contribution to the piece is the main layout and plan of it, the idea and language of mainly Act 1. I can truly say that I do not believe I deserve credit for Act two, although I contributed.

Please take the time to read both acts one and two, the style varies from my own and is beyond anything I feel I could write alone. Much credit to Raven Phoenix, you can follow him on Twitter, Wordpress or find him on Facebook.

Here is his site:

His hands

His hands wrap circles around me.
Fitting into place,
With an ever-changing pace,
Into his soft and gentle palms
I fall and hit his
Passionate wall.

His hands wrap ribbon through me,
Wires in my brain,
Never felt elsewhere,
With a grip beyond repair,
I fall and hit his chest,
Cotton vest.

His hands wrap silk around my heart,
Fire in my eyes,
And swallows in my sky.
Blind eyes and death ears,
Cast upon my burning head.
And now rains down,
My continuing dread.
Of departure.

Boneata Bell Tuesday May 3rd 2011 1.41PM Copyright.

Blog Summery

I have been so busy lately that my blog has not been kept completely up-to-date. I plan to make up for that by posting more for you, especially for my followers who are interested in stopping animal abuse - If you are not familiar with this project please read my previous posts.

I have been adding more informal posts to my Tumblr blog, it is a blog that is not 100% devoted to writing and what I do, it is a blog of mainly my more personal side, the side which is the teenager in me, because what people forget is I am 17, so instead of the side where I devote my life to my writing, it is a side where I have fun and you can see me in a more personal view, If you do not like that side of me, please ignoor it. Please do not stop following this blog because you do not like who I am in my spare time, I devote most of my life to writing so think of me as two people. The older one and the younger.

I have been posting a 30 Day Challenge recently. Although it…