Save Me Inside

Dear Angel.

I have been watching you.
Watching the way you move, it is very elegant,
Compared to our human step.
I know you see,
But you don't acknowledge me,
Whilst I await your arrival.

I have read books, Many,
They describe just what I see,
Deep inside of me.
Or what I want to be,
But will never be,
In my fascinating imagination.

I wished you too have wings
Of pure white.
Not possible of stain or tinge,
With flames of warmth
Not possible of singe,
Or scar.

The sensation of paragraph,
Not line or phrase,
Reality in the eyes,
Of a poetry queen.

You become real to me.
Save me inside.
Angel, take flight.
And soar across my senses.

Boneata Bell Thursday 28th April 3:02PM


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