On Entry (In the eyes of a newborn)

It's all I know so far,
The darkness of these walls.
The distinctive sounds.
The rythmatic, gentle pounds,
Of mummy's heart beating.

Mummy moves, gently.
But each step burns,
I try to turn.
Patience is a virtue.
Inside my tiny head.

I'm hungry, my tiny tummy screams.
I can't make a single sound.
Mummy's love, so profound.
She touches me.
She tickles me.
To see her face, I struggle to break free.

Darkness. I kick.
Oh why am I making my mummy so sick?
A voice, calming.
Daddy is close by.
I want to scream, I want to cry.

I'm afraid. Mummy where are you?
Please speak.
Noises in their room
Don't worry daddy,
'Cos I'll be with you very soon.

Boneata Bell
January 9th 2010


  1. OMG boneata this is amazing :0 your really good at writing poems! :Dxx

    -poppy x


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