Is Life A Game or Reality?

Is life a game or a reality? Lesson one. Understanding.
We have routine. We live life as tiny individual robots doing our duty to our country. We pay our bills, our taxes and genrally we live by our morals. We share what we learn, we teach, we are taught and we understand, which is, in my opinion one of the most important lessons we ever learn. To understand.
As a country, charity is a big issue, we understand the suffering of those around us, we understand the suffering of those we do not see in other countries and we understand the suffering of animals. Not only do we care, we do our best to help.
As one, we seek the closeness of two. Once recieved we hurt when they hurt, we bleed emotionally while they bleed phisically, we rejoice in happiness to see them smile and most of all we learn to behave as one, scientifically two stand where one has been created. To become one, understanding is the begining lesson.
Life is a journey. We make mistakes, we lie, we decieve, we hurt, we break, we need and we offer so much negativity that to open the beginning to a positive lifestyle is to find a cloud with a silver lining. Understand the world we live by asking questions. understand the mistakes we make by living.
Lesson one. Learn to understand. 

Boneata Bell - Published in Voxx Magazine 2011. Copyright.


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