For my STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY followers

There are a few devoted animal lovers following what I write on this blog on the subject of stopping animal cruelty, as they know my dream is to help animals using my words to help people understand the pain and cruelty deep behind what goes on...

So I will do my very best to post animal poetry besides my other poetry to continue with this dream. I am currently working on a poem for this topic, this will be my third in the category.

Thank you for following what I do and please do not ever stop helping animals. Love them with all of your heart.

Boneata Bell


  1. as a wildlife rescue owner i truly appreciate knowing you will be writing about animals. working with the wildlife has really meant alot to me. each animal i have worked with has touched my heart in it's own way. some have come to stay here due to health reasons. but many have been released back to the wild. yet they all remain a fond memory. it's amazing how different each animals personality is. some are such clowns. playful and loving. some, so shy yet trusting that i will help them. and some just so darn sweet they melt your heart.


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