Denim Girl

She smiles. No more emotion shown in one glance,
Than that of flirtation.
She smiles. At the thought of their very first dance.
In her innocence of flirtation.

She grows. As he returns, he goes.
Back to his home.
She grows. Shivering from hurt,
As he walks away from her.

She grins. His cheeky rhymes and cool sense of,
Giving in to her quiet mummer.
She grins. As he tickles her sides,
She has a NEW WORLD of pride.

She cries. As he stands by her side for that moment,
And that time.
She cries. As he stays his goodbyes.
He is forced to walk on by.

She screams. Under pressure with a look upon her face.
A secret expression.
She screams. At the work of his steady pace.
A link between the two.

She sighs, as he pulls away her mind,
She is forced to sigh.
She sighs, as he pulls away her hand,
Drags her on the sunset's sand's,
Kisses her beneath the moon,
And speaks.
'Forever comes too soon'.

Boneata Bell
Copyright applies
Friday 8th April, 10:34AM


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