Summer words

Ten miles until I reach my destination.
Clouds high in the sky, sun under a sky that I will never really see.
A metallic shine on the bonnet of the car,
casts me into an eternity
That I also never thought,
That I would know.

Ten more miles, the radio, so
quietly playing.
Silence pleases me.
My pups still laying,
so joyfully upon my lap.
Breathing in the summer smells...

And sensing the blueness of the sky,
black and white,
In the pupil of their eye.
No cars but mine, to pollute the environment,
Wanting to walk,
But wishing to fly.
Like a swift.
In the beauty of the sky.

A poem given no words by a beholder,
but listened to by many an ear,
To take away the words,
That I give,
And I live.
In a community of words.
But only as the last citizen.

Boneata Bell
15th March 2011


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