Phobia Unleashed

You terrify me. 

I walk into the room -
I sense your there. 

The way you make me feel is terribly unfair. 

I'm still.

I sense you crawling up the wall, 

Petrified you may suddenly just fall, 

My heart beats. 




I can't begin to describe my thoughts, 

You're on my legs, crawling in my hair, 

I'm nervous. 

I'm angry. 

I'm afraid. 

All life's plans are suddenly delayed. 

You're watching me! 

A brave thought grasps at my mind, 

But before I move, I find. 

I'm nearly crying. 



Or Big. 

You're following me, 

I'll never sleep tonight. 

You're in my dreams, 

I hear you, and awake! 

Tears, streaming, down my face, 

Be gone, I curse! 

Stay out of my life, 

I'm so afraid,
As you stalk me by night. 

Boneata Bell


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