Love fallen from parting.

I realized that we were close, just as we parted.
I noticed the smile,
The beam in your eye,
The rush of your blood,
The suit, and the tie.
Just as we parted...
I saw the way you held me,
Strong, unique in it's power,
And the way you held your upper lip -
Like a child,
When you threw a tantrum.

I suddenly noticed your stance,
And your structure,
The explosion of lust,
And unusual rupture.
Just as you left.
I adored your complexion,
Placed your photo on my cabinet,
Sang the song that you told me,
I should love.
As you left.
As we parted.

I tore off your T-shirt,
And wore it over mine,
The aftershave scent still an aroma,
I hadn't noticed so severely before.
Now cutting me sore.
As we parted,
In a dance to our love song.

Cuddled your teddy,
Crawled across the bed that you
Had slept in.
Looked up at the sky where we had once
Looked upon,
To save our future marriage.

I cradled my tummy, baby talk was something
Not a stranger to us.
Longing for lust
And longing for a baby...
I talked to the body, no longer alive,
In hope of an answer,
An answer to my cries,
Yet I cursed when I received none.

And still now we agree,
To disagree.
The fear longing inside of me;
Love being words currently said,
And currently meant.
But during that time of parting,
Of learning to love the already loved.
Where did I go wrong?



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