Lingering Breath

Secrets filled the burning room,
The sky, deep grey – rainfall soon.
Knives hung from my sloping walls,
Deserted streets, no one will hear my calls.

Heat whirled so fast, shattering my skin,
Arsonists leave me, I won’t let you win!
The wind so harsh, fire still strong.
Hell is where these people belong.

I wanted to die as they left me to melt,
Like wax to a lighter, such deep pain I felt,
Smoke filled the atmosphere, squeezing my brain,
Lying there choking, Thoughts sending me insane!

Three seconds, one minute? One hour or one night
Just lying alone, my lungs feeling tight.
A hustle of voices outside I could hear,
I will hold on, to myself I did swear.

The room seemed so small now, flames in my head,
I pulled myself further and lay on the bed.
Bangs seemed to shatter, echoes seemed to die,
I looked out of the window at the beauty of the sky.

The room turned black but started to spin,
And there stood a gentleman, to me he sung –
He eyes green, the sky misting gold, 
His hand lay before me to clutch and to hold.

A bedding of silver before me I saw,
An image of nature that I’d never seen before.
Although I thought I must have been dreaming,
The smile on my face! My expressions were beaming. 

Rainbows were sliding across the clouds.
A number of angels were huddled in crowds,
This was a home, a natural nest,
This is the home that I like the best!
I told them I loved them, I said my goodbyes,
Happiness is heaven and I shall never cry.

Boneata Bell
Mon 21st March 2011


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