Bullying Nightmare

My back against the fence I rest

My hands, blistered and torn,

My feelings fighting my shaded skin,

As I hide away and mourn.

They pass me hissing, smiley faces

Crowded round with bitter slyness

Knocking down my confidence deep,

Unleashing my fearful shyness.

Calling names, laughing bleakness

They hear my heart beat fast and strong.

Endlessly pouncing, creeping, prancing,

They won’t stop until I’ve gone.

Identical twins, low. Down. Deep.

Same organs, same bones, same mind.

I will stay strong for myself and I,

I will not cry and whine.

I reach down low for that sharp silver

Shining. Glowing. I turn the knife.

Swaying with bitterness I give a sigh.

Is this nightmare worth my life?

Boneata Bell


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