You don't deserve it

I support you.

Why should there be a God or why shouldn't there? I have always had a different belief to most that I know, as my belief follows many different paths. Not the path that one person drew out, to me the bible is no gosphel, nor neither is the Qu'ran.

I believe there is no set of rules. I believe if we make a mistake and we feel guilt, we will be forgiven but if we feel no guilt, it will be remembered, but no so serverly punished.

I do not believe there is a God. I believe there could be. I believe that there could be mother nature, I love the way nature works with us, we harm her - she harms us. Maybe coincedence? Maybe mother nature. Maybe God's way of punishment for our 'bad behavour' He cannot ground us but he can show us the right path and lead us in the right way.
I believe there could be spirits, I will never forget the day I was told I had a guardian angel, maybe fact or maybe fiction, but have you ever noticed your whole life crashing before your eyes but something manages to make you smile? Is this a guardian angel? Or is this God? Is this maybe just in our minds - maybe we are seeking happiness when we reach such a depressed state of mind?

Is there extra terrestrial life? I would never say no but I would never say yes. Simply there is not enough evidence for a conclusion, as is the same with God, mother nature and spirits.

Whatever else you may believe could be true, but you will only ever be the one to know.

I do believe in carma however. Or God. Or spirits... But them little things that punish those who have punished you. Should we really take the work of another into our own hands? To bully disgusts me. I do not believe bullying should exist, never in any case should somebody be judged. I do however agree that prisoners that have commited unthinable crimes such as rape, murder, mass murder etc should and will be punished. I am not sure whether that punishment should be by our hand, or the hand of someone else.

My conclusion is nothing really matters. You believe what you believe, I believe what I believe. Why should it matter? We are all human. We all live on earth in the same world. We all feel passion, grief, dispair, all of the emotions we sometimes feel we will not bare. But we do.

As a nation would a world not be a better place in peace?

Your beliefs do not affect me, nor do mine affect you.

I wonder if a nation with the same attitude can come together and bring peace?

Maybe I will never know.

Or maybe I will be a spirit and I will. Or maybe there is a heaven and I will. I wonder.


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