Life or Death

Alive ---> I sence you. I feel you.
Nothing more than a blank wind.
To move my tiny strands of hair,
Across my bare
and senceless skin.

Dead ---> I feel no touch. Or morning mist.
Nothing but happiness thickingnig
My ghostly body, white in mind,
Silver by find.

Alive ---> I feel everything. The stab woumb.
Penetrating my chest.
The deep loc ness
Of mystery contained

Dead ---> Darkness fills my bony frame,
I am not lame,
But he is.
I point in direction
Of a bloody reflection.

Alive ---> Smile like it's real,
Even shed a tear.
For your here today
You'll be gone tomorrow,
To a world rigged with sorrow?

Or a life such as this?

Boneata Bell


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