Fading Love

Your warm eyes, stil remain in my mind.
Sudden stillness brings those grey clouds drifting by.
Still nonesence that stabs my brain,
Your somewhere, past those grey clouds,
Sending my impossible dreams insane.

Waiting patiently for this nightmare to end,
Hoping that my broken heart will naturally mend.
Glued to my pierced brain is your picture,
My heart is torn,
If only you were here with me,
Kneeling on the crying lawn.

My body rejects my lifeless head,
My face and cheeks both turning red.
My bubble of hope still flickers on.
Like a candle, naturally will fade,
Dragging down my soul through darkness
And holding on to my illuminous jade.

By Boneata Bell

This poem is copyrighted. If you wish yo use it for any purpose please contact me on Bonnie0908@live.co.uk


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