Chinese New Year

Colours float inside my house.
Colours of expression.
My windows paint a dragon's head
The words not yet said -
Just bursting to be said.

Orange creaps close to
My walls
Silent flames, silent falls
Music silently loud above night
Dragon warrior
China's knight.

Deep red. Burgandy. Black
White Yellow.
Colours patterns historical mellow.
Velvet, ribbon, cotton and wool
Elegance in material.

Cheers, laughter.
Smiling  faces.
Cuddeling, dancing
tight embrases.
Crowds gathered
Each and every year
to celebrate
This magic funfair.

Wonders seen. Wonders heard
Dragons, lanterns,
lizards, birds.
Beautiful surrounding
emotional sights
Chinese festive delight.

By Boneata Bell


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