About Silent Happiness - How it began.

Silent Happiness was one of my first poems, although I started writing when I was about nine, there was quite a long gap between when I wrote when I was younger.
This was my first poem to be published, on the spare of the moment I entered my poem into a compertition at my school, The Humberston Maths and Computing College, there was a set theme about love so I wrote this poem almost as a riddle and entered, about six months later I had won first prize and my poem was published in a little bright yellow book in 2001 (approx)

Here is the break down of my poem: VERSE ONE
'Silent happiness I awake' ---> A symbol of the secret enjoyment and excitment experienced when meeting your new love. ('I awake' - spoken by the love, the love awakes so many new emotions)

'Bundles of Jelousy off I take' ---> Love takes away the bad, the fear, the jelousy felt when looking to others who are in stable relationships

'Joy and shyness may occur' ---> Although you feel happy about your new lover, you may feel very shy, especially when it comes to the more sexual side of the relationship, as well as exploring the new things you do together day in day out something as simple as your first cinema trip can leave you shaking at the knees.

'But you'll be happy I am sure' ---> Usually love creates a path that we can follow, we will have some regrets but usually happiness overules.


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