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A Past Event

'A warm heart,
A smiling Face.
A summer's blume.
'Little one's' tiny pace.'

Trickeling pond water crashes against my head,
Gentle in the calm, but fighting in my bed.
Creams and blues.
Greens and every colour you could
Ever imagine.
Playing musical instruments.
While the daffodills hibernate,
Summer has come soon.
To shut out winter's gloom and doom.

Dragonfly's, nesting near the water,
A shot of red, a shot of blue,
Never realised how quickly they flew!
Until my tiny hands, grabbed a few!
Mother's speach, whispered by bankside,
As not to scare the tiny fish,
Any movement now,
There...! Make a wish!

Night dawning, blue-black sky,
The moon present among the trees,
Owls taking flight, fish begin to bite,
You don't get them in the town,
I'd like to be a country girl, I decide.
Snuggle up among the grass,
Dew present, I begin to laugh
In the silence of the night.

Little sheep at the end of the year!
Never seen them here before,
Not …


I'm looking in, to both your eyes.
Pupils changing, shape AND size,
Anger, pain, shock and sadness,
Torn between your weakened roots,
A moments wish to become mute.

I'm pulled between both hearts and mind,
Critisizing some beliefs of mine.
Lonesome, HATRED, wish and dream!
Without the two would leave me senseless.
Both hearts and
Mind left feeling

I'm looking in, to both your minds,
Both giving in to different lies.
Anger, pain, shock and sadness,
I'm torn between the grounds you walk.
Then back to you I'm forced,
To walk.

Beyond belief.

By Boneata Bell

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Fading Love

Your warm eyes, stil remain in my mind.
Sudden stillness brings those grey clouds drifting by.
Still nonesence that stabs my brain,
Your somewhere, past those grey clouds,
Sending my impossible dreams insane.

Waiting patiently for this nightmare to end,
Hoping that my broken heart will naturally mend.
Glued to my pierced brain is your picture,
My heart is torn,
If only you were here with me,
Kneeling on the crying lawn.

My body rejects my lifeless head,
My face and cheeks both turning red.
My bubble of hope still flickers on.
Like a candle, naturally will fade,
Dragging down my soul through darkness
And holding on to my illuminous jade.

By Boneata Bell

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Fog on a winters night

Shattering furiously
As the moon haunts the sky,
The air echoing like an emty space
Each tiny molecule sufforcating from my tight embrace.

Screaming silence
And the stars call out to hell,
Fog and water vapour drifting like a clouded bed.
Tightly pulling like cotton and thread.

Sharp and alert
The trees stand like warriors,
Still and resting from preditor and life,
Slicing the bolder like skin to a knife.

inhaling poisoned air,
Lying down but not resting or still
Danger flying quickly throughout the night.
But not giving up without a fight.

Boneata Bell

This poem is copyrighted. Please contact me if you wish to use this for any purpose.

A simple little poem of mine

Darkness was upon me but shaded by light.

Leaving him, causing me terrible fright.

Although he'll always be on my mind,

How can you love, a dream you cannot find?

By Boneata Bell

This poem is copyrighted

Death's Long Questioning

Maybe he never cuddled me.
The way I imagine.
Maybe when the fears were there,
he was a dragon,
not a fairy.

Maybe when I cry
For him,
He's a shark, pictured as a kitten,
Playful and always there,
but hiding bare.

Maybe when I smile
To the memories.
They were few,
Not because of little time,
but many fueds.

Maybe he loved me,
But not the way of my mind,
Just mankind's
Natural emotion.
Daughter and father.
Never unbroken.

Maybe he missed me,
When the days came
Then went.
Maybe he longed,
for the end of the night,
and a turkish delight.
Instead of his daughter.

Maybe one was two,
And maybe two were one,
All I can do is hope
And long.
That he truely cared the way,

Boneata Bell

Life or Death

Alive ---> I sence you. I feel you.
Nothing more than a blank wind.
To move my tiny strands of hair,
Across my bare
and senceless skin.

Dead ---> I feel no touch. Or morning mist.
Nothing but happiness thickingnig
My ghostly body, white in mind,
Silver by find.

Alive ---> I feel everything. The stab woumb.
Penetrating my chest.
The deep loc ness
Of mystery contained

Dead ---> Darkness fills my bony frame,
I am not lame,
But he is.
I point in direction
Of a bloody reflection.

Alive ---> Smile like it's real,
Even shed a tear.
For your here today
You'll be gone tomorrow,
To a world rigged with sorrow?

Or a life such as this?

Boneata Bell

Chinese New Year

Colours float inside my house.
Colours of expression.
My windows paint a dragon's head
The words not yet said -
Just bursting to be said.

Orange creaps close to
My walls
Silent flames, silent falls
Music silently loud above night
Dragon warrior
China's knight.

Deep red. Burgandy. Black
White Yellow.
Colours patterns historical mellow.
Velvet, ribbon, cotton and wool
Elegance in material.

Cheers, laughter.
Smiling  faces.
Cuddeling, dancing
tight embrases.
Crowds gathered
Each and every year
to celebrate
This magic funfair.

Wonders seen. Wonders heard
Dragons, lanterns,
lizards, birds.
Beautiful surrounding
emotional sights
Chinese festive delight.

By Boneata Bell

You don't deserve it

I support you.

Why should there be a God or why shouldn't there? I have always had a different belief to most that I know, as my belief follows many different paths. Not the path that one person drew out, to me the bible is no gosphel, nor neither is the Qu'ran.

I believe there is no set of rules. I believe if we make a mistake and we feel guilt, we will be forgiven but if we feel no guilt, it will be remembered, but no so serverly punished.

I do not believe there is a God. I believe there could be. I believe that there could be mother nature, I love the way nature works with us, we harm her - she harms us. Maybe coincedence? Maybe mother nature. Maybe God's way of punishment for our 'bad behavour' He cannot ground us but he can show us the right path and lead us in the right way.
I believe there could be spirits, I will never forget the day I was told I had a guardian angel, maybe fact or maybe fiction, but have you ever noticed your whole life crashing before your ey…

Social Care needs a change, or basically a kick up the backside.

I feel that there is not enough protection in the child care units. The cases of murdered children where social workers have 'failed to notice' babies with fractured bones, bruises covering the babies body, flinching and also the lack of crying and whining that the 'normal' healthy baby takes upon itself to bless us with.

Surely the rising number of baby deaths should promt a change in the 'work and care' of a social worker.

What happened to a motherly instinct?

And surely the neighbours would notie something suspicious?

Something needs to be done.

Why you should support me

I agree. There is nothing more annoying that being talked into something you have no interest in.

So why follow me if you don't have an interest in poetry?

1. I specify in many different areas other than poetry - creative writing, reviews, short articles, short stories, news writing... the list goes on.

2. I have much life experience for someone of my age - I have travelled many countries and done many things that some could only dream of, It is likely that even if you don't like what I am writing about, you will like what I am talking about.

3. My aim is to change people's lives. If I was paid to do the job I love to do, If I had enough support from the public to change the world, I would donate to charities, I would go out there and do my best to make a difference, not only with words - but with actions.

4. I study journalism, so I am pretty clued up as to what is going on in the world, I also like a good debate! So if there is something you feel very opinionated about feel …

About Silent Happiness - How it began.

Silent Happiness was one of my first poems, although I started writing when I was about nine, there was quite a long gap between when I wrote when I was younger.
This was my first poem to be published, on the spare of the moment I entered my poem into a compertition at my school, The Humberston Maths and Computing College, there was a set theme about love so I wrote this poem almost as a riddle and entered, about six months later I had won first prize and my poem was published in a little bright yellow book in 2001 (approx)

Here is the break down of my poem: VERSE ONE
'Silent happiness I awake' ---> A symbol of the secret enjoyment and excitment experienced when meeting your new love. ('I awake' - spoken by the love, the love awakes so many new emotions)

'Bundles of Jelousy off I take' ---> Love takes away the bad, the fear, the jelousy felt when looking to others who are in stable relationships

'Joy and shyness may occur' ---> Although you fee…

The First Poem I ever published

Silent Happiness

Silent happines I awake
And bundles of jelousy off I take,
Joy and shyness may occur
But you’ll be happy I am sure.

I’m usually rose more red than pink,
Because if I’m pink I may sink and sink,
You can make me as red as can be
Or as uncertain as the sea.

I am more powerful than you may think,
But with the opposites I don’t even link,
I never die some people say
Somehow a shadow in my own secret way.

You may not believe that I am strong
But i’ll say you are very wrong,
In my own special way I’m like a dove
If you’ve not guessed me the answer is love.

Boneata Bell