Traveling By Night

The sound of an engine punctures my thoughts
Freedom in a capsule
To be untold
And to cross any barrier
with no restricting hold.
To fly free and leave a lingering sound.
Never to be found,
Unless wanting to be found,
To see not to speak
Through the journey to frown,
In the speed of sound.
To listen in the morning of roaring freedom,
To lay asleep awake but dreaming,
Of knowing their intentions,
Of soaring through the night. With no fight.
Or no question.
To get up and crawl to the road which they travel,
To see each moon with a different scene unravel,
The secrets of life when no sound
stirs the houses,
Laying in wonder I long to see,
This side of life
But not only in dream.
I hope to travel. One day by night.
To see the darkness passing you by.
To know someone is listening with an interested eye.
To travel by night.
To see what they see.
When the town looses sight.
Of the dreams lived by night.

Boneata Bell


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