Morning drafting

It is technically Wednesday morning now, however time is ticking on and I am still online typing up my poems on sites such as Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.
I have been quite satisfied to have been questioned on my poetry writing, or you could even say 'grilled' as one of my fans asked me every question they could probably think of, I found this experience very fun and rewarding as the come back I have recieved from my poetry recently as been quite minimal, so I would like to say a big thank you to one of my Twitter fans for all of their support, you have helped to give me a boost in confidence.

This evening I found a poem I origionally wrote when I was 14, at the time I did not believe it could be improved, but one of the main lessons I have learnt is usually always you will go back to the first draft and be very thankfull you did not let it enter the public domain.
So tonight I re-drafted one of my poems 'Timeline of blame' this is a poem about rape so as a warning on my Twitter I made sure I warned anybody reading it that they may find it upsetting.
I added 26 new lines, these were either edited old lines or new lines that I found to put in. As soon as I posted my third draft on my Facebook page, I recieved very positive feedback. So until I fall asleep I am going to continue to work on my poetry.


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