Fan support is vital

I do not have anything extreemly interesting to write about today unfortunatly as it has been my day off college and I used it to visit local family members, however I am working on adding one of my grandmother's poems onto the Facebook page I have created for her as Valentines day is coming up and that is the base of my grandmother's poem, so look out for that!

I have today added another poem onto my Facebook page under the title of 'Changing of The World' unfortunatly I have not yet recieved any feedback.

I sent as a message my poem under the title of 'A Story of Determination' to approximatly ten Facebook contacts and I am hoping to also recieve feedback from that.

I have also had the idea that, with enough support, I will publish one poem, everyday, for one month from the beginning of March, if I get enough fans, feedback and support, I have chosen to do this in the hope that people will begin to hear about me and what I want to do.


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