Death Wish

If there was one thing on my mind.
I'd wish away my dreams
I'd wish away my life,
I'd take away the time.
To watch each memory steel
Away my mind.

If they ran away from me,
I'd fall a million miles,
The skulls would craft upon my skin,
and on my heart would cast a sin.
To again recieve it's caring smiles.

As darkness called upon my head,
I'd take another breath,
And crawl black footprints,
Along my bed.
And ask again to be freed from death.

I'd laugh as weapons,
Lined my walls,
Weep and smile,
To a natural cause.
To stare at death without a thought,
Cast a frightening longing,
Desperate to be saught
They smiled in the eyes of death.

Boneata Bell


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