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My canary, and Me!

Every year I have the same dream. The same dream that terrifies me, and for months on end I am convinced that my bird will die. I have this belief that many disagree with; an animal is just as important as a human being, my animals mean the world to me, and now that my canary has reached such an old age for his species I am dreading the day he will pass away, because reality is, I can’t avoid it. It will happen.
I wish I could stop it, you know? Avoid the pain. I got my bird, Tweety from an egg, his siblings began to not let him eat as he was the tiniest and the weakest, so my granddad gave him to me, we hand-fed him and he became tame, he began to develop an attitude problem and have a little personality all of his own. A few years later, I lost my father. Tweety became everything to me, he became the one I would cry to, and the one I would spill my deepest feelings to, he wouldn’t judge. Just listen.
To some people you see, they don’t understand the bond you can have with an animal, b…

The Jelousy Bug

This article is not scientific. It is not factual, it is pure opinion. As my life has consisted of much jealousy, I thought It appropriate to write an article about how we jealous people feel, and why we feel it. The main problem I have come across is, that those that do not feel the emotion are usually very much against the emotion, and put us jealous one's down, making us feel inadequate, and as if there is something wrong with us. Thing is, there isn't anything wrong with us at all, and jealously is more common than you may know, not every relationship is public and it is more common among women than men; if you think logically about this women are emotion-based living beings and men are practical beings, this is exactly why we are the most jealous.

Fact. We do NOT want to be jealous.

Jealousy is one of the most difficult emotions to deal with, and why people would imagine we want to feel like we are not the most important, or special, I do not know. How much easier our liv…

Game on

It is a true fact, there is no full stop to gaming. There truly is no end. Whether it is a game in the playground or a game on the Playstation 3, we were playing games far before we advanced to such technology. So now that we have established that games will never come to an end, and only advance very swiftly, how far do we go before we go to far?

Is it when our character becomes a cannibal and all we can place our hands into the screen to pull up the body of our victim and begin to eat them by pulling them into our mouths in a virtual reality? Or is it when games become reality, when they place you into a room and lock the door and leave you so that you are willing to participate in a number of challenges just to get out, to finish the task you have been given. Or are both acceptable?

As humans we have a need to feel satisfaction, we need to complete a game, and more realistic, the better. My sim is currently on 100% happiness and is in a relationship status of dating, the further ta…

Christmas is about relaxing

I am about to conduct an interview with a fisherman who has devoted his life around fishing. It will be an exciting experience to ask the questions that I have not even asked myself.
One of the most exciting things I find about every day are the new experiences that occur, this year, me and my fiancé put the Christmas decorations up together, after four years of a relationship we have never done that before, and I must say I would like to do it again.

My opinion of Christmas is that it would not be the same without all of the hype, the Christmas songs, the lights and the laughter, it's not about what money you do or don't have, it truly is about the mince pies! For me, I can not recall a Christmas without mince pies and a packet of Christmas crackers on the table next to the Christmas dinner. It's a tradition. That's what Christmas is, it's about the smile on people's faces, family gatherings and even to recall loved ones who have passed away. I really hate to…

The Nightmare. Saturday 3rd Dec. 2011

There was something frightening about that hill, something wrong with it, but to the child playing by my side it appeared to be forest of adventure. I was getting old now, and had an instinct of steal, my greying beard was drowning out any skin that used to once belong to a face of a young man with no worries, or cares; the scars were covered by that ageing beard.

My grandson carried on playing wildly through the grass, the birds appeared happy, no signs of any intruders or tense atmosphere, in fact beauty shone upon these grounds, but as in many a fantasy something didn't feel right. I leave him be, not wanting to pull him away from such a scenery, the smile on his face was a picture and the rest of the family were close by, I'm not sure If I knew this or if I just felt it but I new they were close by. We began to pick up pace and we approached a tunnel, a shadow was stalking us and the mood of my little grandson seemed to dimmer some what. I felt this shadow stalking me, but…

Weather Drive

The sunlight will shine upon the face that cries. Welcome is the voice that says its goodbyes. Hail will beat down upon the softest skin, The looser now will always win. The lightening strikes the fabric brain, Metal kills the volts again. The hurricane will hit the field, The sick now, will not be healed. Snowflakes fall upon the sea, Where waves will move and insects will flee. Hear the seagulls call the toad, And here within this beautiful road, Sing to a dance that a dream has given, And fly to the place where your eyes have driven.
Boneata Bell - Copyright 2011

Dream Charm

I can dream into space
Like a light bulb dreaming
Into fire.
I never tire,
Of dreams.

I can dream of a happy space,
Or smiling face.
Negative power,
Or a new moon's bleeding light.

I can dream of unimaginable
Of science.
Be my scientific dream tonight,
Become the light.

That's burning inside of me.

I can dream, but it's not a dream
It's a spark,
Of reality, hidden unaware.
In the heart that is mine.

I will be re-born tonight.
No doubt.

Boneata Bell 1st December 2011 Copyright.
Every mistake I make in life creates a diversion from a road that was the 'right' road, but never the 'definite' road, don't stop. Diverge.

Macho Pants

It’s not so difficult to make a man cry, reasons why? Simply because they are human and were born with emotion, so why lie? Statistics show that the majority of women prefer a man who will show his true colours to a man that will put on his macho pants and live another macho day.
Personally I find that it is much easier to live a life with a man who holds his hand up and admits when you have hurt him, or when he’s upset, or most importantly when he loves you. Men generally spend the majority of their time complaining about not knowing where they are in the relationship or how they should be moving on with the relationship, leading to a heartbreaking split up. When, quite interestingly, it’s our men who are closed off from the world, when there isn’t an attack taking place and we don’t need to feel safe, be you, be the person who isn’t a macho man on such a constant basis.
Also, lesson one on a working relationship, don’t pretend to be somebody you are not, or you will be living out an …

Taxi Driver

Every time I see, that girl.
Difference in each
A ray of sunshine. In my morning.
After that chilly night.
In my naivety -
Or my fright.

The sway in her legs as
She walked spoke of class...
Her manicured nails - fragments off glass -
From the nights experiences.

A sparkle in her eye. The
twinkle like a shine
In my eye
When she smiled.
Who am I not to wish her mine?

The sun rose with
Her each time I picked her.

And like the fantasies I
Held of me and her.
Drops in the horizon each
Time I drop her. Into these packages...

Many boys at one stop,
Halt is the word, may be a longing?
Never spoken, never forgotten.
All along deceived and naive lust! The veil in my
The serpent be she, It all is revealed.

In the shield of her eyes...

You stare too much.
She lied to my smile...
Watch the road,
My taxi driver!

All writes reserved to Kinoti and  Rebecca Bell (Boneata Bell)                                                                               Copyright March. Most credit goes…

It's here

Sometimes, all you need is one word,
To take away the pain,
Just one drastic measure,
To end the painful game.
Sometimes all you need is there,
Right beside you, everywhere.
Sometimes all you need is gone,
Dreams are short, wishes are long.
Sometimes all you need is here,
But hidden by unwanted fear.
Sometimes what you had will go,
So it is important, that you know.
What you need, may be there,
Because what you need,
Can be everywhere.
Breathe in air.

Boneata Bell 17.11.2012 20:34 Copyright applies.

Somewhere lies the body of the man I love...

Dirt is ripped through the heart, That used to beat a thousand minutes per second. As Footprints in the sand still beckon, The sand forever lingers from our journeys to the beach, Smiles remembered to the point that a tear would be absorbed, Into skin untouched by the sun, Wasted time, yet seldom a wasted effort,
As clocks are methodically ticking in the background, Reminding us that time is finite, and upon it we fought, Unaware until the day that we died. Fiction of ghost and dramatic dreams, Lost in cream, loved well beyond beauty,
Words dreamt out, acted as if only a mere play, Crying in torrents for this is a harsh reality. Amidst such frantic efforts to be someone else, While he only wanted me to be myself, But I never could.
The ring still rests upon this lonely finger, Even In death we continue to hold hands, I never dreamt, tears would be so few, The emotions spoken aloud by words, Were meant to be from the heart, And that's when I was awoken with a start, Lying next to the man of my dreams,

Island Sences.

I wake up in a time where,
There are no people.
I stalk the shore where spiders crawl
benethe my feet,
I scream out a little, as they retreat,
And watch a butterfly,
Stalk the sky.

No human, catches my eye,
None to scare or cause me fright,
Just some hoverfly, crusing by night.

I wake up to a moonlit tree,
Leaves casting their shadows upon me.
In an lonely island are no traces of emotion,
None to see, so none to dispose of,
I neither smile nor cry,
Just watch the birds soar the sky.

I crawl among a heard of ants,
Leave raindrops behind their tiny feet,
Moving sand in their cautious retreat.
Dipped in ink next I see,
A mountain right beside of me.
With swollows falling gracefully.

A whale's tail departs from the sea,
The rush of spray coating me,
The warm night sky warms me with a breeze,
In this infinate world we see,
The starving mind of a longing dream.

One that probably will never be.

Boneata Bell
October 18th 2011 23:28

Old Family

Dark nights frighten the timid,
and the strong.

We could be seen laughing in public,
Your arm in mine,
Family behind,
A queue to a new doorstep.

We could be seen to be happy,
And I was,
I truely was.
Born to belong to this family.

We were seen, and we felt as one.
Perfection is not a gift,
But it slowly skipped your lips,
When you ruined my mind.

I think to the lady, you will find,
When you love, you are blind.
But you see the threats.
And the finds.

Silent voice, silent minds,
I miss what used to be,
when we were family.

But dark nights scare the timid and the strong.

Boneata Bell October 18th 2011 22:31PM Copyright

Smile at me

I'd like to see you smile when I look into your eyes,
I'd like too see happiness, a look of surprise,
In them beautiful eyes,
Like a mountain errupting, my fuel
Is corrupting, come smile to
The world.
Come smile to me.

I'd like to see flare in your beautiful stance,
I'd like to see bounce in your energetic prance
In that frame
That your holding
I'll still keep on loving the way that
You smile.
Come smile to me.

I'd like to see earth in the hands that I'm locked too,
Show me dust in the door that we cut and we 'bust threw,
Show me a smile when the rebels awaken,
And excitment in the
floors that are shaken,
Come smile to me.

Show me softness and calm when the skies
Are screaming,
Show me joy when the pavements below us are gleaming,
Show me dance in a smile unable to break,
Keep a promise I know that you will not break,
Come smile,
Come smile at me.

Come smile at a world so distant to me,
Come smile at a face even if you can't see,

Running Away

Shade upon thy glorious night, Thou art a punishment approved by Flight. Death be it, a famous tale, And ask thou for a famous gale, A wind so strong Destruction a flare, And become a world, Beyond repair.
Starlight flare and shine To be coming, And from that she’ll keep On running, Thou art fame, death be she, Moon shine comes and She will flee.
Again to be, Who thou can not deceive, A workshop where we all Shall see. And all shall be.
Boneata Bell

'Because you should smile'

Smiling should not be a choice, but be an involuntary action that will occur, not through secret pain or heartbreak but a real smile shinning through to the world when ego gets in the way of a persons inner emotions.
- Boneata Bell.

I wrote this when I was 14 years of age. :)

My definition of life is to live by your dreams. If somebody takes away that dream, your life is like a pool of blood waiting to try up.
Try to live each day as strong as you possibly can, let no-one hurt you, but let friends hover by your side.
To me, one of the most important things in life is family. The meaning of life is to love one another, and a love you can truly depend on is that of your family, they are always by your side; ready to stand you up as you fall down.
The true meaning of life is to love one another, stop hatred, and racism, and try to work your hardest for your family.

Boneata Bell

Something to think about...

Do not waste your time waiting for something to happen in your life, instead waste your time making something happen. At least that way the journey was exciting even if the destination wasn't quite what you set out for it to be.

- Boneata Bell.

Rich Boy

Stars shine around you.
Angels seem to guide you,
Perfect male with a following of
one hundred men.

Naturally intellegent.
Grafting will never be a part of your life,
A lucky wife,
A lucky man, with perfect face.

No spot nor scar,
Beautiful boy,
What some would give to
Be such a boy.

Rich. Popular. Lucky.
One only sees
What one wants to believe;

A man of money,
Or a boy of luck.

Boneata Bell 13/07/2011 22:15 Copyright

The Setting

This poem was recently published in The Grimsby Telegraph. Enjoy.

The Setting

It started with a splitting, and the greyness
of rock surrounding the atmosphere.
Tiny sparkles flicked onto the ground,
Sound by sound.
It finished with a movement, and the pools of
Hope lying still upon the floor.
Tiny whispers into the air,
Of proof a warming can not bare.
It lasted for a sunrise, with smiling faces
Pacing greedily into the dark circles.
Notes gone soggy, cannot be spent,
It will, come again.

Copyright Boneata Bell July 2011 06/07/2011

Learn To Fly

There is a molt silver in your eyes,
A lava glow in your smile,
To love and to hold,
For life and for love,
A memory gained,
A memory lost.
A heartfelt motion,
A story to be told,
With unfortunate cold.
Deep within that gaze,
Of yours.

An orange rose petal,
Real in mind,
Dyed by the wind,
Or turned by the sky.
Vampire be you,
Blood on them roses,
Coating your garden
With a spider web of poses,
Kissing the depth of passion,
Off of their noses.
Leaving them all

A floating marble
Upon the sky,
A love of life,
Or love of a lie.
Close sunrise, Blind be I,
Wishing on wings,
If I dream not to fly.
Sadness in love, If
you wish there to be,
Only if you see,
What he wants you to see.
Never be, the liquid in the glass,
But be the glass.
In the tainted sky.

Learn to fly.

Boneata Bell July 2nd 2011 Copyright

Death Tale

Make me...

Summers bloom.

The wolf by the moon.

The feather on the wind,

A pinch of a spirt.

Make me believe...

In majestic life

Majestic love

In natural roses

And cotton weaved poses.

Make me live

To be beyond

The state of imagination,

The lack of suffocation,


Death in life

To be believed

For what we see.

Not what we do.

Boneata Bell 21st June 2011 Copyright
I have been so busy recently that I have been unable to blog, please bare with me I will be posting again very soon. Remember you can still follow me on Facebook or Twitter for more regular updates.

Just search Boneata Bell.

Thank you


I spent my day working for the RSPCA last Wednesday as I do every week, I am a volunteer for them and I throughly enjoy every minute of it, one of the jobs that I do is sort through clothing that is donated to the shop, separating the good from the bad, I also price the clothing for the shop. Dogs are welcome inside the actual RSPCA shop, of course we love to see them they are very welcome! Although it is hard to concentrate on sorting through clothing when there are beautiful animals inches away from me.

My favourite part about this job is that it is helping to raise money for animals in need and I see that it goes to the right place. No animal deserves to be hurt or killed. One of the worst things about this volunteer job is that you hear the pain these animals have been through and sometimes not survived, this is why I need to do what I do.

I do not have the money to give them, so I can give them the time, and I would give them more of it if I could, I work on a Wednesday afternoon…

Kill You (Act 1)

A shade whispered throughout eternal night.

Breath came ragged and full of fright. The screams of thy name, Reverberated amongst these walls, Of darkened sorrow,
You refused to hear, Ignoring these frantic calls, Poised to run, Watched you run all night.
With tears in these eyes, Fear hangs heavy upon a fading heart. I love you! But your mind is forever dead.
Lost devotion forever to be, Beyond all eyes will ever see. There will always be love, For your tired heart, An inner fire can never again spark.
Goodbye old rainbow, Fare thee well to happiness we once knew. Thy were so pretty, I couldn’t kill you!

Copyright 2011 Boneata Bell Copyright 2011 Raven Phoenix78

Kill You: (Act 2) & (Act 3)

A funeral procession, Whimsical in its misdirection, Beating silently within our chests, This haunting music threatens to arrest. Strumming along, Upon a broken heart, Banging away in the confines of its cage, All this pain, and still… Couldn’t kill you!
A lack of control, Emotions spill over, As young lover’s embrace, For what is deemed an eternity, All is not as it seems, Nothing lasts forever. Walking away, can’t kill you.
Saddened with a sense of loss, Bereaved by grief, Emotions we shall overcome, Or fade away and become undone. These actions cannot be repeated!
Racked with anguish, Deafening silent cries, A song of defeat is sung. Burdened with such despairing emotions, Ever in agony, For still I couldn’t, Kill this love for you!
Empty halls glimpsed, Throughout these vast chamber walls, A heart becomes hollow. Laid bare for all to see, Feelings once felt, begin to recede. Love is depleted, The final serenade is complete.
Thoughts of love circumventing the mind, Such feelings are unfound. As one may denounce, The lo…

Kill You


This is a poem I originally wrote on my own, however, I was not happy with it and as a poet this tends to happen a lot, So... I asked another brilliant poet to edit it, and I must say it is the most beautiful poem I have ever read and I must say Raven deserves most of the credit for this beautiful piece of work.

My contribution to the piece is the main layout and plan of it, the idea and language of mainly Act 1. I can truly say that I do not believe I deserve credit for Act two, although I contributed.

Please take the time to read both acts one and two, the style varies from my own and is beyond anything I feel I could write alone. Much credit to Raven Phoenix, you can follow him on Twitter, Wordpress or find him on Facebook.

Here is his site:

His hands

His hands wrap circles around me.
Fitting into place,
With an ever-changing pace,
Into his soft and gentle palms
I fall and hit his
Passionate wall.

His hands wrap ribbon through me,
Wires in my brain,
Never felt elsewhere,
With a grip beyond repair,
I fall and hit his chest,
Cotton vest.

His hands wrap silk around my heart,
Fire in my eyes,
And swallows in my sky.
Blind eyes and death ears,
Cast upon my burning head.
And now rains down,
My continuing dread.
Of departure.

Boneata Bell Tuesday May 3rd 2011 1.41PM Copyright.

Blog Summery

I have been so busy lately that my blog has not been kept completely up-to-date. I plan to make up for that by posting more for you, especially for my followers who are interested in stopping animal abuse - If you are not familiar with this project please read my previous posts.

I have been adding more informal posts to my Tumblr blog, it is a blog that is not 100% devoted to writing and what I do, it is a blog of mainly my more personal side, the side which is the teenager in me, because what people forget is I am 17, so instead of the side where I devote my life to my writing, it is a side where I have fun and you can see me in a more personal view, If you do not like that side of me, please ignoor it. Please do not stop following this blog because you do not like who I am in my spare time, I devote most of my life to writing so think of me as two people. The older one and the younger.

I have been posting a 30 Day Challenge recently. Although it…
The most popular page on my blog is 'Love Fallen From Parting' so have a look. It is a poem that can really touch the heart.

I will post again later, for now I am walking home with my boyfriend and plan to watch Sparticus when we arrive.

Good Day.

Save Me Inside

Dear Angel.

I have been watching you.
Watching the way you move, it is very elegant,
Compared to our human step.
I know you see,
But you don't acknowledge me,
Whilst I await your arrival.

I have read books, Many,
They describe just what I see,
Deep inside of me.
Or what I want to be,
But will never be,
In my fascinating imagination.

I wished you too have wings
Of pure white.
Not possible of stain or tinge,
With flames of warmth
Not possible of singe,
Or scar.

The sensation of paragraph,
Not line or phrase,
Reality in the eyes,
Of a poetry queen.

You become real to me.
Save me inside.
Angel, take flight.
And soar across my senses.

Boneata Bell Thursday 28th April 3:02PM

A Thought.

Something about you, makes me wonder why you picked me.

The wings I imagine you to have seem to wrap around me like they are meant to be there. I'm wishing men had wings. Like angels. Wings that only one pair of hands can touch.

But that is a fantasy. That only so many people will share.

Others will question.

And others will deny.

Is Life A Game or Reality?

Is life a game or a reality? Lesson one. Understanding.

We have routine. We live life as tiny individual robots doing our duty to our country. We pay our bills, our taxes and genrally we live by our morals. We share what we learn, we teach, we are taught and we understand, which is, in my opinion one of the most important lessons we ever learn. To understand.

As a country, charity is a big issue, we understand the suffering of those around us, we understand the suffering of those we do not see in other countries and we understand the suffering of animals. Not only do we care, we do our best to help.
As one, we seek the closeness of two. Once recieved we hurt when they hurt, we bleed emotionally while they bleed phisically, we rejoice in happiness to see them smile and most of all we learn to behave as one, scientifically two stand where one has been created. To become one, understanding is the begining lesson.

Life is a journey. We make mistakes, we lie, we decieve, we hurt, we break, we …

For my STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY followers

There are a few devoted animal lovers following what I write on this blog on the subject of stopping animal cruelty, as they know my dream is to help animals using my words to help people understand the pain and cruelty deep behind what goes on...

So I will do my very best to post animal poetry besides my other poetry to continue with this dream. I am currently working on a poem for this topic, this will be my third in the category.

Thank you for following what I do and please do not ever stop helping animals. Love them with all of your heart.

Boneata Bell

Little meaning

I am burning insence sticks.
Probably so that the smell of lavender will fill my room.

I have become so comfortable in this area
That it pains me.

The sound of his howl brings me to life.
He's a lot more man than beast.

The doors won't close because I have
crammed them too full with future and present essence.

Nobody will let me be alone anymore.
Nor will he.

Boneata Bell  17/04/2011 17.50

Skin War Zone

Delicate pinpricks,
Whilst the moist raindrops,
Pour down on me.
I am un-noticed.
Like the wind, I am there,
Beyond the surface,
Of the air.

Folicles, each attacked
by breeze,
And wheather
Of many kinds,
I am noticed,
Burnt by rays,
Soothed by lotion,
But scarred for days.

Protective, in ways,
But more of a burdern,
With many precausions,
Day by day.
Almost a hunter, with a
Natural substance,
your skin to the bone.

Cause of destruction.
The actions of skin,
Tones of deep purple,
Colours of jet black,
No point in denying though,
If I left you'd want me back.

Boneata Bell 15/04/2011 01.14

Starvation Game

The biggest dream I have in life
Is to be skinny.
The cloths that I will never wear
Seem to clutter my wardrobe,
And dreams of fitting into
the 'small' section in the shops,
Seems to never happen.

If only.
I hate to be touched,
because I know that
I am bulky.
You don't feel like I will break when you
handle me,
Believe me that is what I want.

Passion killer when since the age
of ten you have been upset
and ashamed of your body.
And the comments you ignoor in
the school playground
as you are compared to girls that you
feel are a little bigger than yourself.
Makes you want to die.

The happines when something small fits.
When deep inside, you
know it must be flexible.
Or a large fitting.
But never mind - the label says you are small.

When somebody calls you beautiful.
And you smile.
But never believe,
never ever ever

When you are scared to sit, because
the tummy you pull inwards
in the mirror cannot be pulled inwards sat down.
Not showing the inner of your thigh,

The Rose Medicine

I'll throw you a rose...
                                                    Leave you standing there alone...

If they prik you...
                                                  I'll be with you very soon.

In help
              In fear
                       In war


Boneata Bell
Copyright - please contact
April 8th 2011 10:43 AM

Denim Girl

She smiles. No more emotion shown in one glance,
Than that of flirtation.
She smiles. At the thought of their very first dance.
In her innocence of flirtation.

She grows. As he returns, he goes.
Back to his home.
She grows. Shivering from hurt,
As he walks away from her.

She grins. His cheeky rhymes and cool sense of,
Giving in to her quiet mummer.
She grins. As he tickles her sides,
She has a NEW WORLD of pride.

She cries. As he stands by her side for that moment,
And that time.
She cries. As he stays his goodbyes.
He is forced to walk on by.

She screams. Under pressure with a look upon her face.
A secret expression.
She screams. At the work of his steady pace.
A link between the two.

She sighs, as he pulls away her mind,
She is forced to sigh.
She sighs, as he pulls away her hand,
Drags her on the sunset's sand's,
Kisses her beneath the moon,
And speaks.
'Forever comes too soon'.

Boneata Bell
Copyright applies
Friday 8th April, 10:34AM

On Entry (In the eyes of a newborn)

It's all I know so far,
The darkness of these walls.
The distinctive sounds.
The rythmatic, gentle pounds,
Of mummy's heart beating.

Mummy moves, gently.
But each step burns,
I try to turn.
Patience is a virtue.
Inside my tiny head.

I'm hungry, my tiny tummy screams.
I can't make a single sound.
Mummy's love, so profound.
She touches me.
She tickles me.
To see her face, I struggle to break free.

Darkness. I kick.
Oh why am I making my mummy so sick?
A voice, calming.
Daddy is close by.
I want to scream, I want to cry.

I'm afraid. Mummy where are you?
Please speak.
Noises in their room
Don't worry daddy,
'Cos I'll be with you very soon.

Boneata Bell January 9th 2010

Save A Life

Like the breeze, when you touch me.
It burns.
It hurts.
You are nowhere but everywhere
In this hell hole.
Was I really born to die?

You creep behind me,
A tall shadow against my skeleton.
Let it be.

I whimper, I call to my mum,
Only two weeks ago I left her side,
I run,
I hide.

Eight weeks ago I was born.
Colours, black and white,
To the naked eye,
Between her and I.
Love and beauty.

Now I call,
To the crumbeling wall,
Of my alcoholic owner,
As he bruises my back,
I try to attack,
The metal in my face.
It's over.

Boneata Bell 00.25 07.04.2011


I am a volunteer for the RSPCA Charity and I also volunteer for the Blue Cross Animal Hospital. I am very passionate about animals and the way they are treated. My dream is to help animals, to love and to care for them in ANY way that I can.

I am a budding poet in North-East Lincolnshire, so I realised one of the other ways I could help animals is to write about them. To help others to understand their needs. So that is what I am going to do.

Personally I have quite a few animals and I am happy that I get to hear the recovery stories of many animals across the country, unfortunatly however, not all is positive.

Help me to help animals all over the world simply by reading what I post on this blog.The more fans that I get, the more the word is spreading and the more people will understand.

Thank you for your time.

Boneata Bell



Between The Two

There are no minds left un-opened. No words, left unsaid. Just two hearts full of hatred, And two hearts full of dread.

No stars to fill the skyline, Just the dark to hide the light, No smiles on their faces, Just anger, shock and spite.

No sounds fill the emptiness, That summands up the last one landing. And here within this tragic world Is where I end up standing.

Boneata Bell 22.41 26/01/2011

To Understand Love

Love is the scent, in the sea, Love is what you never expect it too be, Love is the fragrance in the box, Love is the cotton in the Christmas socks, Love is the silence in the room, Love is the summer flower's bloom, Love is the flame supporting the wick, Love is the one you never pick, Love is the tear, swallowing your eye, Love is the blur that you always spy, Love is the bottle with the hidden note, Love is the puppy that warms you with his coat, Love is the pattern, that decorates the tiles, Love is the happiness that never fails.  To make you smile.

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Love fallen from parting.

I realized that we were close, just as we parted. I noticed the smile, The beam in your eye, The rush of your blood, The suit, and the tie. Just as we parted... I saw the way you held me, Strong, unique in it's power, And the way you held your upper lip - Like a child, When you threw a tantrum.
I suddenly noticed your stance, And your structure, The explosion of lust, And unusual rupture. Just as you left. I adored your complexion, Placed your photo on my cabinet, Sang the song that you told me, I should love. As you left. As we parted.
I tore off your T-shirt, And wore it over mine, The aftershave scent still an aroma, I hadn't noticed so severely before. Now cutting me sore. As we parted, In a dance to our love song.