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The end of 2015 was a big life changer for me. I lost my house due to a relationship break-up and I moved in with my parents. My little boy turned one years old and started to walk. One relationship ended and another began. I graduated from university and went back to my job from maternity leave. I then got myself a second job. And a voluntary job writing columns. I began to travel to different places around the UK and do various things I never thought that I would do. I began a bucket list. I passed numerous dance exams and I began Brazilian jiu jitsu and joined the gym for the first time in my life. It was quite the year. I decided that I wanted to inspire people to be strong. To keep going. Then before I knew it, one year had passed.
That's when I started to take notice of myself.  For the first time in my life I had my nails done by a professional. And my eyebrows saved from disaster. I realised that I couldn't carry on looking homeless. It was time to make an effort. And t…
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Sunset Smile

Sometimes the moon is Jealous of the sky And her beautiful ways.
Sometimes the clouds look Beyond the horizon To those brighter days.
Sometimes the sea Runs from those metal storms.
Sometimes the weed Tries to suffocate The corn.
Sometimes the tree Whispers between Tears of the rain.
But then sometimes The sunset smiles And saves them all anyway.
Sometimes it's not about what has been done, But more so What is to yet come.
Boneata Bell 21.03.17

Why Vegan?

Veganism was something that had always interested me, but having not known a single other vegan, I had listened to the stories I was told. The different versions of tales that were told to me about extremism. I received enough accusations about vitamin deficiency as a vegetarian as it was. I was ignorant, I chose to stay blind to the truth and assume vegans were just being extreme. 

I was wrong.

I was lucky to be pulled out of my delusion when a vegan happened to add me on Facebook after reading a poem I had written for the newspaper. I accepted her, and over time I understood what I was seeing. I watched someone living a vegan life. A healthy vegan life. I watched her caring for animals, eating food, and wearing her clothes with guilt-free pride. It was the tipping point for me; I knew then, in that moment that I myself, had been another ignorant human being.

I began to make, what some would call, major changes to my diet. To me however, they were minor changes. I swapped my dairy …