We have reached the end.

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that I am closing down this website. I can't remember when I began my blog - maybe seven years ago.

Along the way I have met many amazing people, I have been on a constant journey to improve my writing and I am finally in a peaceful place.

This month alone 500 of you have come to my website. Over the last 7 years 56,500 of you have looked at my work, and I consider that a massive achievement.

Please get in touch if you want to keep in contact. It will take me a little while to close this website. It is time for a new beginning for me.

Thank you so much to every single one of you for taking the time to read my poems and short stories. Just by reading them you encouraged me to never give up my dream and I will never forget that message.

Take care and I wish you all the best.

Boneata Bell

For My Son

You are the world to me.
In one tiny little boy
You put the light into my life,
The sword into my fight
And the stars into the sky.

You make me laugh,
In the most beautiful ways
You are my beating heart,
and my brightest of days.
My reason and my dream come true.
I love you so.

Sometimes I don't think you
Quite understand how precious you are.
How clever, handsome and
funny you are.
I never want your smile to fade -
My baby boy.
Please smile every day.

Grow slowly, I want to treasure it.
I want to watch you grow over a lifetime,
Not over a movie.
I don't want to blink and miss it.
I want to record it in my heart.

You'll always be my baby boy,
With eyes of gorgeous blue.
No matter where you go in life
I will always be there for you.

Love from Mummy.

Boneata Bell


I want to travel across the sea -
Inspire a million minds
Right in front of me...

I want to see the world anew -
With countryside green
And sky so blue...

I want to close my eyes to greed,
Just pass it by
And pay no heed...

I want to change somebody's view -
Open their eyes
To something new...

I want to change the world tonight -
Escape the path
Of spoil and blight.
To watch the birth
Of stars at night,
I want to change the world tonight.

Boneata Bell